The LTRAC Research Group at the Monash University undertakes world-leading research in the areas of turbulent flows, combustion, alternative and renewable energy, laser diagnostics and numerical simulation of turbulence. LTRAC has wide ranging capabilities in laser diagnostics including high resolution PIV, SPIV, Tomographic PIV (Tomo-PIV), Digital Holographic PIV, PLIF, Time-resolved PIV, high speed imaging including ultra-high-speed Schlieren capable of up to 1 Million frames per second imaging. First class Aerodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and constant volume combustion experimental facilities are available in the LTRAC laboratories. The group has substantial high performance compute facilities and data storage in-house in addition to access to all major University, State and National high performance computing facilities..

The LTRAC research group has numerous links with both national and international research institutes, industries and universities. LTRAC is seeking graduates (for PhD research programs) in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Physics, or Mathematics for immediate commencement of research programs in the following research topics:

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